Tanushree Dutta slams Rakhi Sawant, calls her ‘uncouth, uneducated, dirty’

Tanushree Dutta slams Rakhi Sawant, calls her ‘uncouth, uneducated, dirty’

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After Rakhi Sawant calling Tanushree Dutta a lesbian and ‘man from inside’, the actress has finally spoken about the allegations and has blasted on the controversy queen Rakhi Sawant by calling her ‘uncouth, uneducated and dirty’. The ugly fight between Rakhi and Tanushree started when the former held a press conference, in which she accused Tanushree of raping her multiple times twelve years ago. She also claimed that the actress was her best friend and took her to rave parties where she forced her to consume drugs.

After listening to these allegations, Tanushree slapped a Rs 10 crore defamation case on Rakhi and now she has strongly reacted to her allegations. In a statement, Tanushree said, “My parents always told me to choose my friends very carefully and I learnt to live by that advice. I simply avoid at all cost people I think are not good for me. So it's disgusting when uncouth, uneducated, dirty, downmarket, classless, characterless, perverted, degraded abominations like Rakhi Sawant claim to ever be friends with me."

Rakhi Sawant has also claimed that Tanushree is a homosexual as she shaved her head. Hitting back at her statement, the actress said, , "Calling me homosexual because I shaved my head. In both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, when one gets 'diksha' or initiation into deep spiritual practises or yogic sadhana, out of devotion and surrender to God and guru, one gives up their identity signified by giving up the hair. Insulting a serious Hindu tradition by calling it a homosexual practise... Shame on you Rakhi!"

Tanushree believes that Rakhi Sawant is targeting her because when she met her in 2009 on a airport, Sawant tried to convince her to turn to Christianity but she refused and even felt disgusted by what she was saying. Tanushree said that she was actually put off Christianity because of Rakhi's "ridiculous conversion tactics". She said, "These Rakhi Sawants of the world are the kind of people who are the reason the minorities get into trouble in our country.

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